I have worked essentially my entire two and a half year career as a locum tenens hospitalist physician. In this capacity I had the good fortune, though I didn’t know it at the time, to fall in with Courtney as my primary recruiter. Career development led to being approached by innumerable other recruiters over time and it was here that I realized that I had started out ahead of the pack. Whereas I found many others to be rude, self-serving, and unprofessional Courtney’s primary strengths lie in her attentiveness, willingness to work with you, and diplomacy. She has been able to wrangle me some great gigs, has put up with my personality, has put me in touch with jobs that *I* want and not ones she’s hoping to shoehorn me into, and has made inroads with helping me develop my career in terms of expanding my scope of practice among other things. I consider myself fortunate to have Courtney as my primary liaison with hospitals, as far as I’m concerned she and I work in a team, and working with her has ruined me for other recruiters who might approach me.