Over the last 30 years locum tenens has been a leading solution to the physician deficit that we have experienced in the healthcare industry. Locum tenens has provided coverage in areas that are underserved and understaffed. As the provider to patient ratio continues to be uneven, and a growing problem, locum providers have helped combat this issue, but what exactly is locum tenens? We would like to help shed light on what locum tenens is, here are some answers to common questions asked about locum tenens.

  1. If I give my CV to a recruiter, will that information be distributed without my consent?

No. When you provide your CV to a recruiter at Honor Medical Staffing, your information is never shared with any individual or facility without your permission. There are other companies out there who are not as ethical in the treatment of your personal information. You should do your homework with each agency you speak with. In the locum world, assignments get filled fast. Due to this, your recruiter will ask for your CV just to ensure that when an opportunity that matches your search opens, they have the necessary information on hand to quickly get your application rolling for your submittal. It is important that you understand your CV is never (and should never be) presented unless you are aware of the open assignment and give the recruiter permission to represent you.

  1. As a locum’s provider, who am I employed by?

When you work as a locum’s provider, you work as an independent contractor. This means that when you work as a provider through Honor Medical Staffing, there are no taxes withheld. As an independent contractor you will receive a Form 1099 at the end of each year and be responsible to pay estimated income taxes. The up side to working as a locum tenen is you will typically make more than providers with full time jobs. Because these positions are in high demand, facilities are willing to pay a higher rate.

  1. Does It Look Bad on a CV to Have Multiple Work Sites Listed?

Not at all! In fact, having locum tenens experience on your CV demonstrates that you are comfortable to practice in unfamiliar environments and that you can learn quickly. Having locums experience is a great way to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and to learn and grow your skills. Working in different communities creates opportunities to work in adverse situations and see a wide range of patients. In return, locums also helps grow your network.


Still curious about locum tenens and how it might be a great fit for you? Reach out to us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding locums and assist you in finding the perfect opportunity to help grow your career as a provider! Check out our current jobs to see what locations are looking for coverage near you.

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