How Can Locum Tenen’s Help the Rising Problem of Physician Burnout?

Physician burn out is becoming an increasing issue in the healthcare industry. With more and more doctors reporting that they are cutting back on seeing new patients, switching to part-time, or retiring early due to exhaustion in their field of work.  The healthcare industry is already hurting from a lack of providers and an increase of patients, it’s time to start asking how we can relieve this issue.

Physician burn out can be attributed to a multitude of factors including:

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks and not enough time to build patient relationships, causing a loss of meaning in the provider’s work
  • Spending too many hours at work with no work life balance
  • EHR reporting demands taking away from building relationships
  • Short staff, causing more work among providers and a higher patient volume

Physician’s want to be able to provide top quality healthcare to their patients, but with tight schedules, short staff, and EHR systems, providing quality care feels harder to do. Here are three ways locums can help the rising problem of physician burn out:

  1. Solve Short Staff Issues

As a provider and as a healthcare facility, having locum providers relieves the stress and demands of the staff. A facility can see and tend to more patients, while providers can spend more time building relationships and in turn providing strong quality of care. Being a healthcare provider is an inherently difficult job. Working with a short staff and delegating tasks shouldn’t be an added issue. Providing the extra coverage goes a long way.

  1. Provide Temporary Coverage to Give Permanent Providers a Break

To help combat physician burn out, providers should be able to take a break! Take some well-deserved time off and get away from the practice. One of the many benefits of having locum tenens providers on staff is they can easily provide coverage while permanent providers go on leave to ensure patients are still be seeing and there is not a delay in services.

  1. Financial Benefits

Not having a provider to see patients means the facility must turn them away. Having a locums provider on staff is a huge financial benefit to a healthcare facility. It helps to limit revenue loss. Not to mention, as a locum tenen’s provider, you gain the potential of extra income.

Locum tenens is great way to help the issue of physician burn out. Contact our experienced recruiters and find out how locum tenens can help you today!

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